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TW Transactional Reporting Special Terms

TSP Name: Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC (TSP: 007933047)

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Id Description
C01 Minimum delivery pressure(s).
C02 Included on Statement of Non-Conforming Service Agreements in TW's FERC Gas Tariff.
R01 Discount related to certain specified quantities under the service agreement.
R02 Discount if specified quantity levels are actually achieved or with respect to quantities below specified level.
R03 Discount related to production reserves committed by the Shipper.
R04 Discount during specified time periods.
R05 Discount related to specified points of receipt, points of delivery, supply areas, transportation paths or defined geographical areas.
R06 Discount in a specified relationship to quantities actually transported.
R07 One-part discounted rate.
R08 Included on Statement of Negotiated Rates in TW's FERC Gas Tariff.
R09 Discount provides in the event TW's rates change, if a rate component must be adjusted downward or upward to equal the new applicable maximum or minimum rate, other rate components then may be adjusted accordingly to achieve the agreed-upon overall rate.
R10 Discount varies over contract term.
R11 Rate based on formula.
R12 Capacity acquired through permanent capacity release.
R13 Discount applies to an alternate receipt point(s) and/or to an alternate delivery point(s) per agreement.
T01 Term contains evergreen provision.
T02 Regulatory ROFR, pursuant to TW's FERC Gas Tariff.
T03 Contractual ROFR, pursuant to TW's FERC Gas Tariff.