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TW No-Notice Activity By Location

TSP Name: Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC (TSP: 007933047)

The quantities posted reflect the best available data pursuant to 18 CFR ยง284.13(d)

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No-Notice service is provided under Rate Schedule FTS-2 and is available only to small volume (less than 3,000 dth/d) Shippers who are also one of the following: a) a right-of-way grantor or agricultural user who has the contractual right to request direct or indirect service from Transporter or who is, as of May 18, 1992, being served under a direct sales agreement; or b) a small general customer being served by Transporter on May 18, 1992 under Rate Schedule SG-1, SG-2, or RW-1, and who elects FTS-2 service on or before thirty (30) days after the later of: February 1, 1993 or the initial effective date of Rate Schedule FTS-2. In 2015, Transwestern delivered a total volume of 143,809 MMBtu (394 MMBtu per day) to Rate Schedule FTS-2 shippers at 25 active delivery points.