Date Requested: Jun 16 2024 3:48 AM

TW Transactional Reporting Firm

TSP Name: Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC (TSP: 007933047)

Gas Day: 03/27/2023

K Holder Name K Holder Affil Svc Req K K Qty-K K Beg Date K End Date K Roll K Ent Beg Date K Ent Beg Time K Ent End Date K Ent End Time Mkt Based Rate Ind Rate ID Max Trf Rate Ref Rate Chgd Rate Chgd Ref Surchg Ind Ngtd Rate Ind Loc/QTI Loc Purp Desc Loc Name Loc Loc Zn Cap Type K Qty-Loc Rpt Lvl Rate Sch Res Rate Basis Rate Form/Type Seasnl St Seasnl End Terms / Notes K Stat Amend Rptg TSP TSP Name Post Date Post Time

Comments and Notes:

Refer to Rates to determine the applicable maximum and minimum rates.
New contracts where a point is identified with zero quantity indicate that there is a volume effective in the future.
Location Area is intentionally left blank for the Thoreau/San Juan Area Boundary point.
Please download this document to print on a legal-sized paper and landscape page settings.

K Holder Name - Contract Holder Name

K Holder - Contract Holder

Affil - Affiliate Indicator
NONE - None

Svc Req K - Service Requester Contract

K Qty-K - Contractual Quantity - Contract

K Beg Date - Contract Begin Date

K End Date - Contract End Date

K Roll - Contract Rollover Indicator
N - No
Y - Yes

K Ent Beg Date - Contract Entitlement Begin Date

K Ent Beg Time - Contract Entitlement Begin Time

K Ent End Date - Contract Entitlement End Date

K Ent End Time - Contract Entitlement End Time

Mkt Based Rate Ind - Market-Based Rate Indicator
N - No
Y - Yes

Rate ID - Rate Identification Code
COM - Commodity
RES - Reservation

Max Trf Rate Ref - Maximum Tariff Rate Reference
T - Tariff

Rate Chgd - Rate Charged

Rate Chgd Ref - Rate Charged Reference
MAX - Max

Surchg Ind - Surcharge Indicator
1 - Rate(s) stated include all applicable surcharges; no surcharge detail or surcharge total provided

Ngtd Rate Ind - Negotiated Rate Indicator
N - No
Y - Yes

Loc/QTI - Location/Quantity Type Indicator
1 - Receipt point(s) quantity
2 - Delivery point(s) quantity
4 - Segment(s) quantity

Loc Purp Desc - Location Purpose Description
MQ - Delivery Location
M2 - Receipt Location
S9 - Pipeline Segment defined by 1 location (or first of 2 locations)
S8 - Pipeline Segment defined by 2 locations (or second of 2 locations)

Loc Name - Location Name

Loc - Location

Loc Zn - Location Zone

Cap Type - Capacity Type Indicator
P - Primary
S - Secondary

K Qty-Loc - Contractual Quantity - Location

Rpt Lvl - Rate Reporting Level
K - Contract
P - Point
S - Segment

Rate Sch - Rate Schedule

Res Rate Basis - Reservation Rate Basis
DA - Per day

Rate Form/Type - Rate Form / Type Code
1 - Reservation charge only
2 - Volumetric charge only

Seasnl St - Seasonal Start Date

Seasnl End - Seasonal End Date

Terms / Notes - Special Terms & Miscellaneous Notes

K Stat - Contract Status
A - Amended
C - Corrected/Updated
N - New

Amend Rptg - Amendment Reporting
A - All Data
C - Changes Only

TSP - Transportation Service Provider

TSP Name - Transportation Service Provider Name

Post Date - Posting Date

Post Time - Posting Time